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Sabre Sailing Dinghy

Australia's most popular one design single handed class. The fun Single hander that is easy to sail but difficult to master.

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Welcome from the SSAA committee - with less than 4 weeks until the nationals in Adelaide.

It's been a busy time for the national committee - and it's great to be able to change the focus in terms of what we are writing about. So first new news - we have a new (acting) President of the SSAA - being Qld president Alan Wilson. Alan has a long sailing background in dinghies - particularly the Contender class - and is now a keen Sabre sailor. Once ratified at the AGM in a month - it is the intention that we'll move away from the 'rotating' president model that we've long used and instead look to keep a president in place for several years. We're also hoping to bolster the committee with additional new blood in the form of our WA and SA Presidents Pete Coop and Graeme McLeay. Charlotte Coop (WA Secretary) will also be providing additional secretarial and website support.

We're also going to be establishing a measurement sub-committee to substantially bolster our resourcing in this critical area. This will mean that we can have some people focussing on the operational side of measurement - getting the 40 or so new Sabres each year processed - whilst others are focussed on our key strategic areas like updating measurement rules, introducing FRP builder licencing, and the preparation of standardised templates.

We've also adopted web-based video conferencing to permit the committee to have online meetings monthly - a huge advance on anything we've had previously. With the big agenda we've set for 2015 - this will prove to be a major positive.

So - hope your 2014/15 season is going well - and for those heading to Adelaide - we'll see you soon.

On behalf of the SSAA 3 December 2014

Sabre Trademark Has Been Handed Over – Now We Can Really Get Moving.


Click here for the link to the article 


SSAA Reaction to Brett Young's Announcement That He Has Trademarked The Term 'Sabre'


Click here for a link to the article


We’re delighted to advise that the motion that was the subject of a Special General Meeting earlier in Oct to amend the method of conducting voting under our constitution was carried unanimously with all 6 member states in favour. (This vote required each of the states to give each of their members the opportunity to vote on the motion in order to determine how that state would vote on the SSAA SGM motion). What this does is to ensure alignment of the Constitution as lodged with Corporate Affairs Victoria (CAV) with the way that the SSAA has actually been undertaking voting in the past couple of decades.

As a result of the successful vote, the SSAA had lodged the resulting Association constitution and rules with CAV who have since responded with their approval. What this means is that our method of undertaking SSAA voting can now just involve getting our 6 member states to vote without them having to conduct their own vote of their members first.

The important next step however is a further SGM to ratify all previous SSAA motions and rule changes that have been voted on over the years. This includes for example the large vote in Nov13 involving 42 separate rule changes that was voted on using the ‘2 delegates per state’ format. This is basically a precautionary move to ensure that there are no grounds for challenging the validity of these past votes. The SSAA will be sending out details of this SGM and vote to State Associations later this week.

Once that is done - we’ll be in a position to turn again to the proposed ‘Charter’ document which was the subject of a vote that we needed to abandon back in August.

Last week, the office bearers of the SSAA got together for a meeting at which we invited well known Sabre builder Brett Young of YMS to present his views and ideas. Brett has been building Sabres for 27 years, and has a strong background in measurement rules and processes.
Many of you will be aware that Brett has been quite vocal over the past year in relation to his concerns regarding the Sabre measurement rules and the absence of a requirement that builders and moulds be licensed by the Association. We therefore felt that the best outcome was to invite Brett to a meeting where we could hear his input in detail and discuss the issues.
It was a good meeting with quite a lot of ground covered and it was good to see that we had consensus with many – indeed most of Brett’s ideas. Others will need more thought. Obviously any new proposals or rule changes will need to go to the state associations for voting. Click here for the minutes of the meeting & Brett’s material presented ahead of the meeting.

This is very important.  The Sabre Association Constitution has some problems and needs to be rectified urgently.  We need to have a quorum at the Annual General Meeting to pass a special resolution to put things right. For timing of the meeting see the next item 'Sabre Coaching BRYC'.

Link to Notice of AGM 2014

Entries have opened here http://www.westernport.yachting.org.au

NOR here http://www.westernport.yachting.org.au

There are limited places with a great list of coaches- hope interested Sabres will enter before the Lasers and Opties take all the places!

There appears to be a degree of misunderstanding regarding the 40 amendments to rules that came into effect in Feb 2014.
This in part seems to stem from comments at the Perth AGM and from various website forum posts.
The facts are that a properly constituted Special General Meeting of SSAA held 30 Nov 2013 and conducted by post, carried  motions to amend the rules of the Sabre Dinghy.
Although passed, the amendments consciously did not come into effect until 1 Feb 2014 and in two cases, 15 Feb 2014.
A note was put on the website before the WA Nationals to this effect which also seems to have been missed or ignored.
Stocks of the Building Notes, Fit-out Guide and Rules manual that were printed in Aug 2011 still exist. This manual plus a printout of the 40 rule amendments have been issued to every new build applicant this calendar year.  The amendments will be incorporated in the next re-print of the manual.
As an aside, 31 sail numbers have been issued this year, of which 18 (58%) are for self-built timber boats, the majority of which are in Hobart.
Please see -

Link to Rule amendments that were effective Feb 2014

Barry Eastgate
Secretary SSAA

Secretaries and Presidents of State Sabre Associations of NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
SSAA Committee of Management.

A Special General Meeting is called to vote on a proposal to change the Rules of Measurement of the Sabre Dinghy; please refer to the attached Notice of the SGM which contains the proposal and to the attached voting form.

Background is included in the preamble to the Notice in the attachment.
State associations should consider the proposal and advise their two delegates on how their State wishes to vote.

The SGM will be conducted by email or mail (preference being email).
I suggest that State Secretaries scan both delegate voting forms and return to me by email; preferably before the designated time and date of the SGM.

Link to formal Notice of Meeting and proposed amendment

Kind regards
Barry Eastgate
Secretary, SSAA

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