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Generation 3 YMS One Design Sabre to be made in Victoria - M

Postby Youngi-from-YMS on Fri May 23, 2014 5:59 pm

Breaking News: Generation 3 YMS One Design Sabre to be made in Victoria - Minnow to follow suit

The YMS One Design Sabre has been for over 13 years, and still remains, the undisputed benchmark design for high performance and immaculate build quality in the Sabre class. In what is certain to be received as great news by potential new boat buyers, the bar has again been raised with the release of the new YMS Gen 3 One Design Sabre. Preserving the intrinsic shape and performance attributes of the Gen 2 design, which produced over 100 boats, the YMS Gen 3 One Design Sabre has been developed with modernised tooling and refined aesthetic features. The hull shape however, will remain exactly the same to ensure the continuation of the true one design nature of the popular Sabre class. But even more exciting, production capacity has been radically increased with Victoria set to commence production of the Gen 3 One Design Sabre, adding to Western Australia as the third local YMS production supplier.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of the YMS One Design Sabre has been the primary driver of the meteoric growth of the Sabre class in recent years and by default, has effectively made the class one design in the performance end of the fleet. The value proposition was simple: high quality, high performance, high resale value, low maintenance. However, this reinvigoration of the class meant demand well exceeded supply and the price for getting a new One Design Sabre at the trademark YMS quality standards was the wait time.

As such, a new production strategy has been developed: Local production at local boat builders with the much sought after One Design YMS quality and shape criteria. With a production footprint in South Australia, Western Australia and now Victoria, the shackles can now really come off and the growth of the Sabre class can be unleashed. In a joint venture with Sly Boat Building and Repair Centre in Victoria, the first order of the new Gen 3 One Design boat will see the heralded boat building expertise of Brett Young and Martin Sly combine.

The Sabre's little sister, the Rex Fettell designed Minnow, is also following a near identical strategy to the YMS Sabre's proven formula. First launched early last year, the YMS One Design Minnow had immediate success winning two Victorian State Championships and two National Championships between three different sailors in three different boats - all YMS One Design. With the YMS One Design Minnow mould also going to WA and now Sly Boat Building and Repair Centre in Victoria, the local production strategy also mirrors that of the Sabre and will ensure the reliable servicing of two of the Minnow's stronghold markets.

This now sets a strong platform to underpin the ongoing and sustainable success of both the Sabre and Minnow classes into the future. To further service YMS customers better and more efficiently, the services of Robert Sturch from the Beneteau Group, has been retained as the business manager for YMS and orders or production enquiries can be directed to Rob on 0411569114 or ymsboats@gmail.com

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