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Victorian 2009 Winter Series

Postby CDance on Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:01 pm

Hi All,

Just a reminder that the final race for the Vic Winter Series is this Sunday at Mordialloc. We've had almost 40 unique boats compete in the series thus far. It would be nice to take this to 40, so if you haven't raced in any races, and would like to dust out the cobwebs a week or two early this year, make sure you come down and join us at Mordi for a 1:00pm start.

Also looks like my Winter Series report missed the cut for the newsletter. Here it is for those interested:

Frosty, but not frozen!

The 2009 Victorian Sabre Winter Series continues to attract amazing numbers. With almost 40 boats having sailed at least one race over the Winter regatta, it's another clear example why the Sabre is the state's premier dinghy class. For many Sabre sailors, the winter series is in fact a highlight of the season. It's an opportunity to sail at different venues, race against different boats, and like all good Sabre events, spend more time talking about sailing than actually doing it!

This year's Winter Series, spread across four venues, Black Rock, Albert Park, Lysterfield, and Mordialloc, has attracted a number of new competitors. Port Melbourne Cat sailor Mitch Bayliss currently sitting in 3rd place is one such eyebrow-raising addition. Thinking he might feel a bit lost with only one hull, he encouraged his cat crew to also purchase a matching Sabre. The pair, after finally working out that the two hulls don't need to be connected via the booms, have rapidly risen through the fleet. You should have saw the look of disappointment on Mitch's face last weekend when a 35 knot gust wiped out any chance of a race... he's determined to get out there and show us how to "fly a hull"! We look forward to the duo joining us for the State Championships.

The rapid improvement of Lance Albrecht from Mordialloc and George Solonari (ex. Beaumaris) has shown what valuable experience can be gained over Winter. George is the first to claim that capsizing in winter is not much fun and this "shock treatment" is bound to make any sailor better!

All the winter regulars would like to thank our event planner Harold Medd. Harold has done a great job planning the series and collecting results. Harold has also acted as our official water depth measurer, kindly demonstrating that setting out of one's boat 5 meters off shore at Lysterfield is over one's head!

Make sure you come and join us for the final races at Mordialloc, or at least add a warm jumper to your Christmas wish list so you can join us next year!


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Postby MitchB on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:28 pm

Chris and fellow winter sailors -

Will there be another winter traveller series this year? Summer is definately over... its not far away now!

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