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"WINTER" Traveller Races - Round 3 - Southport YC

Postby Slow Hand on Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:46 pm

Shhh, guess what?

Round 3 of the Qld SSA Winter Travellers Series is on 10 August 08 at Sothport YC - Hollywell. Yep, and its part of a whole weekend of sailing at SYC's winter dinghy regatta.

And, what's more, quietly between u and me, St George, Sabre #946, the loaner boat is available ... contact Sue on 0429 708 464 or shextell@webone.com.au if you would like to sail St George in the event or just on the Sunday.

Keep it quiet, and call Sue now, b4 anyone else hears about it,
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